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Pediatrics is a branch of healthcare that caters to infants, children, and those in the adolescent stage. A pediatrician does a lot more than just prescribe medicines for sickness, they help your child live and thrive. A Specialist takes into account the prematurity of its patients and their receptiveness to medicines and treatments which adults are otherwise more responsive to. There persists a strong functional difference in the way adults absorb medicines and in the way a child’s stomach might react to the same. There are specific enzymes inside a human body that determine the rate of absorption of any drug, and owing to a higher rate of gastric emptying in infants, the rate of absorption is comparatively low. So a visit to the pediatrician is recommended at any given point your child shows any of these unusual symptoms.

Department Of Pediatrics

Provides services in the following areas

Cover emergency Pediatric cases

Nutrition education

Multi-disciplinary approach to children with chronic and complex medical problems

Attend all deliveries for essential newborn care unto resuscitation

Quality healthcare education

Our Pediatric Care Team

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Hiba Asia Polyclinics forms the primary healthcare arm of the Hiba Asia Healthcare Group (HAHG). Its four polyclinics serve a significant proportion of the population in Jeddah and other parts of Saudi Arabia.

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