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Our Founder

Mr. Abdullah Mohammed Vellengara

Founder & Chairman

Mr. Abdullah Mohammed Vellengara

When someone you adore becomes a memory, that memory becomes an inspiration.

Founder chairman Mr. Abdullah Mohammed Vellengara Throughout his life cared for us and lived his life to build up this company left us this year with so much inspiration and responsibility towards the community. He and his life is our guiding force towards the future. Sharing his most beloved memories forever on this occasion.

An extraordinary man and a fearless leader is driven by his passion and determination. we will always remember his humanitarian spirit, honesty, humility, and kindness; and we will continue to live by his legacy and values forever.

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Hiba Asia Polyclinics forms the primary healthcare arm of the Hiba Asia Healthcare Group (HAHG). Its four polyclinics serve a significant proportion of the population in Jeddah and other parts of Saudi Arabia.

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