Image The Fasting Period of Health…

The Fasting Period of Health…

As the believers enter the fast of Ramadan with fasting, they should pay attention to their health according to the change in their lifestyle. Fasting should be utilized in all its senses by giving up food and drinks from dawn to dusk and purifying the mind and body. The health maxim of eat less live more is meaningless during this period. Dietary restriction is best during fasting. But people with diseases like diabetes, hypertension, acidity, ulcers, asthma and migraine should be careful. If such patients are fasting, they should see their regular doctor for advice. Fasting during the early months of pregnancy does not cause any health problems, but pregnant women should consult a doctor.      ——————  Hiba Asia Medical Group

Care must be taken to restrict food intake during Ramadan. Eating for eighteen hours and eating for five hours is not good for the body. The body absorbs energy from food within eight hours. It is only after that that the body actually comes into a state of fasting. During fasting, the body first uses glucose stored in the muscles and liver. After this, energy is taken from body fat. Then the energy is taken from the protein. It is only taken from protein after fasting for several days. This condition is unhealthy. But it is important that you don’t have to take food from protein during the fasting period from dawn to dusk. Therefore, the fasting period can be considered as the best opportunity to lose fat .  ——————  Hiba Asia Medical Group


Diabetics should be careful about this. Diabetics should consult their doctor before fasting. The medication and diet they take is very important in this regard. Patients were divided into three groups according to the severity of the disease. Those in the very high risk and high risk category should pay special attention to this. They should talk to the doctor and strictly follow their advice. People with severe diabetes should not fast. Or it should be based on the expert advice of the doctor. Remember that diabetes does not go away during fasting. Stopping medication can be dangerous. Depending on the doctor’s instructions, the time, dosage, etc. of the medicine can be changed.        ——————  Hiba Asia Medical Group

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